My intention is to begin teaching this discipline.

I began experimenting with this style of ceramics ten years ago. It has taken many years to find a clear vision of what to make and to learn the necessary skills to fulfill my ambitions. I can't help but feel that if someone had shown me the ropes when I began mixing coloured clay in 2007, it would have saved me a lot of time.

We will work with porcelain and a vast range of colours,

or body stains as they are correctly called. These come in powder form and are mixed with porcelain by hand through a wedging technique. The coloured clay is blended, layered, extruded and whatever else it takes to form small blocks, or loaves, of coloured clay.

You can cut a loaf in cross-section to see the progress you make. Unlike many ceramic techniques, this style offers instant gratification as you are given a clear insight into the structure of your finished surface pattern.

Designing the loaves allows you to use your imagination,

finding colour combinations and patterns that suit your personal tastes. These designs can be pressed into plaster press-moulds to form bowls or used to make beads for a matching set of necklace, bracelet and earrings. It is a versatile technique with much to offer the novice.

The method used is similar to Fimo. The big difference is that what you make with me will last for ever as porcelain is fired in a kiln to 1220 degrees centigrade making your work rock hard.

For enquiries please call; 07754185640 or use the contact form on this site.

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