The Solitary Bee

Osima (Ozbekasima) avosetta

When I saw these images last year it struck me as odd that someone like myself who has spent his adult life striving to make a beautiful thing should be outdone by a Bee. Even if I live to be a hundred years old and with all the neccesary means at my disposal, this little guy will aleays be streets ahead of me. Bees have been around longer than myself but still, I am supposed to be the clever one.


The Bee in question is Osima Avosetta, a rare species of Bee found in Yurkey and Iran. A petal is bitten off and flown to a nesting site where the petals are glued together with nectar and mud. The bee forms paper thin layers into a tube shaped shell. Certain Bees prefer particular colours, as you can see in the middle image above, in this case the Bee liked the lilac coloured petals.

It can be said that I am inspired by nature or more specifically this Bee which is active for only two months of its short life. My intention was to make some ceramics that reflected the detail and industry of Osima Avosetta. These pots are composed of many small sections glued together with mud (porcelain slip). Inspired by nature? You betcha.

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