This redblack porcelain project proved to be a greater commitment than had been anticipated with a long winter spent polishing these two porcelain pots with power tools and diamond abrasives, learning as I went.

Manufactured ceramics are generally finished with a ceramic glaze in order to enhance the surface decoration. The discovery for me here is that unglazed porcelain can come alive with some considerable grinding and polishing. 


Applying this process to Nerikomi ceramics enhanced the look of the piece in a way a glaze could not manage. 

These two redblack porcelain vases were made using Nerikomi, this is a technique for constructing  pottery using clay that has been stained, in this case red and black.

A gradated effect within the clay can be created using this technique.

Grinding and polishing the pots was a trip; taking 220 hours to achieve the high gloss finish, that is 110 hours of grinding and polishing on each pot.

The pots are 18cm x 18cm x 18cm.

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